NCERT Solutions - Biology for Class 12th(2023-24)

NCERT Solutions - Biology for Class 12th(2023-24)

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This book has been designed for students who are studying in class 12 and need to boost their preparation for Biology. The book is comprehensive and the design is based on the guidelines laid down by Central Board of Secondary Education.

The book has been divided into chapters that cover the important topics of Biology. Students will find separate chapters on human reproduction, reproduction in organisms, inheritance, biotechnology, ecosystem, molecularbasis and variation in this book.

In addition to well-designed content, the book has a separate section on questions and answers. In this section, questions from NECERT books have been provided with detailed answers. The book can be used additionally to the books prescribed in a school or college. It can be used by students studying in class twelve and also by others who are in college.

About the Author
Arihant Experts: An experienced team of authors, editors, proof readers and teachers join together to bring out comprehensive guides for various public examinations for Government posts. Backed with an experience of 15 years, Arihant Experts bring out with revised editions of carefully designed exam-oriented and exam-ready contents after intensive research and analysis.