Kiran Standard English Translation by Dharmendra Sir (Hindi Medium) (3701)

Kiran Standard English Translation by Dharmendra Sir (Hindi Medium) (3701)

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Kiran Standard English Translation by Dharmendra Sir (Hindi Medium)(3701) Content Chapter-

1 Use of Am, Is and Are Chapter-

2 Use of Was and Were Chapter-

3 Use of ‘Shall be’ and ‘Will be’ Chapter

4 Use of Articles Chapter

5 Use of This, That, These and Those Chapter

6 Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Chapter

7 Use of Verb ‘To Have’ Chapter

8 Use of ‘infinitive’ with Verb ‘to be’ Chapter

9 Use of ‘infinitive’ with Verb ‘To Have’ Chapter

10 Present Tense Chapter

11 Past Tense Chapter

12 Future Tense Chapter

13 Sequence of Tenses Chapter

14 Use of Non-Finites Chapter

15 Adjective of Quantity and number Chapter

16 Imperative Sentences Chapter

17 Interrogative Sentences Chapter

18 Introductory ‘It’ Chapter

19 Introductory ‘There’ Chapter

20 Use of Modals Chapter

21 Speech/Narration Chapter

22 Voices Chapter

23 Conditional Sentences Chapter

24 Passages for Translation Chapter

25 Translation Based on Conversation

Appendix- 1 Antonyms, Synonyms and One Word Substitution Antonyms Synonyms One Word Substitution

Appendix- 2 Forms of Verbs

Appendix- 3 The Prepositions Kind of Prepositions Important Facts About Prepositions Use of Certain Prepositions Words followed by Appropriate Preposition Words followed by Appropriate Preposition A Ready Reckoner

Appendix-4 : Classified Vocabulary Parts of body Ailments and body condition Names of Colours Dresses Relations Household articles Stationery School relating Ornaments & jewels Musical Instruments Cereals and Eatables Spices Minerals Tree and their parts Flower, fruits, dry fruits & vegetables Building and their parts Tools Warfare Occupation Animals Worms & Insects Birds

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