Geography of india - 10th Edition by Majid Husain

Geography of india - 10th Edition by Majid Husain

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One of the best-selling titles of the subject area, Geography of India has completed a decade. It is a comprehensive course book by the well-known Geographer Late Majid Husain, one of the flagship sellers in this segment. With the recent developments regarding administrative setup of the country, the upcoming edition is completely revised with current facts, data, and thematic maps. It is widely read reference book that deals with the relevant features and topics of India’s geographical landscape in a systematic and comprehensive manner. It is being referred to by the graduates and postgraduates of the subject and by the researchers and academicians.

Salient features:

1) One of the best books for theoretical concepts in Geography

2) Comprehensively chapter wise revised edition with updated data, statistics, facts, diagrams, maps, and relevant content especially Indian Political Aspects and Contemporary Issues

3) Well Organized systematic alignment of chapters as well as table of contents as per the examination along

4) Easy to understand, simple language to difficult concepts

5) Content laid into tables, bullets, and various infographics wherever suitable