CTET and TETs Social Science and Pedagogy for Class 6 to 8th-2023-2024

CTET and TETs Social Science and Pedagogy for Class 6 to 8th-2023-2024

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  1. Solved Paper (2023-2021)
  2. Entire coverage of the syllabus in 4 major subject heads
  3. National Education Policy 2020
  4. 5 Practice Sets



  1. Complete coverage of study material
  2. Prepared in an easy-to-understand and lucid manner
  3. Chapterwise coverage of CTET & Other states TETs Previous Years Question
  4. More than 1500 MCQs for practice
  5. 5 Practice Sets are provided for self-assessment
  6. Fully Solved Question Papers from 2023-2021 to analyze the exam pattern
  7. A separate section on NEP 2020 at the end of the book



  1. Updated Edition of “CTET Cracker”
  2. A comprehensive tool to study and practice
  3. Highly useful for other State TET’s preparation



Solved Paper (2023-2021), HISTORY (When, Where, and How, The First Cities, New Ideas, The Early State and First Empire, Contacts with Distant Land and Political Development, Culture and Science, New Kings and Kingdoms, Delhi Sultanate and Its Architecture, Mughal Empire, Social Change, Regional Culture, The Establishment of Company Power, Rural Life and Society Under Colonialism, Revolt of 1857, Peasant Labour and Tribal Movement, Social and Women Reforms, National Movement and India after Independence, GEOGRAPHY (Geography as a Social Study and Science, Plant: Earth in the Solar System, Globe, Natural and Human Environment, Air, Water, Human Environment: Settlements, Transport, and Communication, Resources: Human and Natural, Agriculture), CIVICS (India: Unity in Diversity, Democracy and Constitution, Government: Local and State Government, Parliamentary Government, The Judiciary, Marginalisation and Social Justice, Understanding Media, Making Living), PEDAGOGY (Concept and Nature of Social Science, Classroom Processes Activities and Discourse, Developing Critical Thinking, Enquiry/Empirical Evidence, Problems of Teaching Social Science/Studies, Sources: Primary and Secondary, Project Work, Evaluation, National Education Policy 2020, 5 Practice Sets