Business Studies for Class 11 | CBSE (NCERT Solved) | Examination 2023-24 | By RK Singla

Business Studies for Class 11 | CBSE (NCERT Solved) | Examination 2023-24 | By RK Singla

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1. The book includes 10 unit-wise practice papers and 1 complete practice paper for immediate checking purposes, located at the end of the book.

2. Students are presented with picture-based questions to assess their understanding level.
3. The book provides various types of questions such as match-the-column, comprehension, and assertion-reason, to test comprehension and critical thinking skills.

4. A running glossary, titled "Tool Kit," is available at the end of the book containing key terms and concepts summarized in a few words.

5. Instant learning maps are included at the end of each unit for quick revision.

6. Study assignments at the end of each unit contain many questions categorized as remembering-based, understanding-based, analyzing, evaluating, and creating-based questions.

7. The book offers objective-type questions/multiple-choice questions.

8. A sample project, presented in an interesting and practical manner, is also provided.

9. The book includes a sufficient number of case studies.

10. IMPORTANT NOTE: The topic ‘Joint Venture’ {Unit – 3} is added back to the syllabus for 2023-24 which was earlier deleted for 2022-23. The remaining deleted topics { for 2022-23} are again deleted { for 2023-24} such as Unit-02 {LLP and Diff. B/w Pvt Co. & LLP}, Unit-05 {BPO & KPO} andUnit -07 {GDR,ADR & IDR}.