All In One Class 10th Sanskrit for CBSE Exam 2024

All In One Class 10th Sanskrit for CBSE Exam 2024

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  1. Complete syllabus coverage in 4 sections
  2. Board Examination Paper 2023
  3. Latest CBSE Sample Paper
  4. Sample Question Papers (1-5)


  1. Formulated as per the Rationalised NCERT & Latest CBSE Syllabus 2023-24
  2. Complete theory in each chapter
  3. Check Points for a smooth part-by-part understanding of each chapter
  4. NCERT Folder includes solutions of all the NCERT Solutions
  5. Exam Practice Section contains Exam Pattern Questions
  6. Board Examination Paper 2023 & latest CBSE Sample Paper to acknowledge exam pattern
  7. Sample Question Papers prepared exactly on the latest syllabus & pattern of examination


  1. Fully revised for class 10th and CBSE Exams 2024
  2. Complete Study: Well-explained theories in each chapter
  3. Complete Practice: Chapter practice exercise, Latest CBSE Sample Paper, and Unsolved Exercise
  4. Complete Assessment: Sample Questions Paper for rigorous practice
  5. The study material is in a clear & concise form
  6. The book ensures complete preparation and practice to succeed in the exam