Xam Idea English - Class 10 - CBSE (2021-22)

Xam Idea English - Class 10 - CBSE (2021-22)

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The new Xamidea Class XII English 2021-22 has been thoroughly revised, diligently designed, and uniquely formatted in accordance with CBSE requirements and NCERT guidelines.
The features of the Xamidea are as follows:

1. The book has been thoroughly revised as per the new CBSE Examination Paper design.

2. The book is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B.

3. Part A is further divided into different sections

• Reading Comprehension

• Writing Skills

• Literature Textbooks.

4. Objective Type Questions have been included as per new CBSE guidelines. These include Multiple Choice Questions, True-False, and Fill in the blanks.

5. Previous Years’ Questions have been added in different sections.

6. Answers of every NCERT Textbook Questions are provided in the book.
7. Self-Assessment Test has been given to test the extent of grasp by the student.

8. Part B includes the following:

• Model Question Papers for ample practice by the student.

• CBSE Sample Question Paper and CBSE Examination Paper (2020) with complete solution and the solutions of papers of other regions are provided as QR code at the end of the book.