Indian Economy Key Concepts | Sixth Edition

Indian Economy Key Concepts | Sixth Edition

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Indian Economy: key concepts 6th edition, is a remarkable text aimed at explaining the basic, yet most relevant, concepts of the Indian economy in a simple, interesting and comprehensive way. Replete with examples to complement almost all concepts, The book aims at explanation of core concepts that are necessary to understand any application of theories whatsoever. The practical application of each of the concepts is also discussed to be able to integrate them with real situations in the Indian context.<Salient features:


1. New br>Chapter on Constitution and Indian Economy

2. Updated chapters on human development based on human development report 2018 and 2019

3. Updated tax sharing mechanism in the post-gst era

4. Revamped br>Chapter on poverty and unemployment based on nsso reports and other relevant literature

5. Addition of I.) The features of GST Council II.) concepts like effective revenue deficit and Fiscal destination vs origin principle

This book is an attempt to provide basic concepts for better understanding of the Indian economy and is a result of years of consistent effort over a decade.

This book is available in Tamil under the title 'indhiyaporulatharam mukkiya karuththukal' And in Hindi ‘Bharatiya Arthvyavastha - sukshma awdharana’

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